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Equity Star provides equity bridge financing on Single Family homes, Condos and Townhouses, located within an Equity Star service area. Homeowners need at least 20% of free available equity.   We offer $5,000 minimum investments on approved homeowners. Equity Bridges are available for both Owner occupied and rental investment properties, as long as we are in 1st or 2nd lien position. 

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Rescue Equity

Rescue Bridge is available to homeowners that are currently behind on their house payments and would like to stay in the home. Equity Star will catch up & payoff any past due payments (payoff any forebearance), and then pay the mortgage for at least 1 year. 

Equity Bridge

Express Bridge is available to homeowners that have short-term capital needs or plan to sell their house soon. For example, if you would like to get cash to renovate your house to sell it for maximum value without monthly payments or increasing your credit card balances, this program would be for you! 

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If you would just rather sell your house to a reputable cash buyer, we’ll make you a written cash offer to close your house on your timeline.  No commissions, No repairs, Pick your close date, No hassle.

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Use our Equity Bridge products to fit your needs.  Get cash to catch up payments & stay in the house, Get cash to renovate your  house to sell for max value Or get a short term Equity Bridge to use the cash for anything you’d like.

Homeowners with paid off properties
Homeowners with at least 50% equity

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