Equity Star Asset Administration Fee Schedule

In addition to the administration fees illustrated below, other reasonable, customary, bona-fide, actual and necessary, out-of-pocket fees and costs, which are paid by Investor to third parties may be charged to the homeowner from time to time during the term or at teh terminations of the Equity Star Option Agreement, including fees and costs related to title, recording, insurance, appraisal, inspection or recording, whether insured in connection with the default of homeowner or termination.  The fees described below are estimates only and actual costs may differ.  Additional fees may apply if homeowner requests expedited service.

  • Changes to Title (addition, removal, other..) $350

    Addition, Removal or other changes to title including change of title to and from a trust.

  • Recording and Reconveyance (per document) $150

    Release of lien, quit claim deed and other requested release documentation.

  • Payoff Estimate $75

    Per request, when requested more than once per calendar year. (1 free per calendar year)

  • Protective Advance $250

    Per payment of property insurance, property tax, deferred maintenance, mortgage and other unpaid obligation.

  • Administering Owner Events of Default $500 to $5000

    The range of fees which may be charged by Investor in the event of homeowner default is only an estimate, given the difficulty of predicting the actual internal cost of processing unique conditions of a default.

  • Subordination Request Processing $350

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Equity Star provides equity bridge financing on Single Family homes, Condos and Townhouses, located within an Equity Star service area. Homeowners need at least 20% of free available equity.   We offer $5,000 minimum investments on approved homeowners. Equity Bridges are available for both Owner occupied and rental investment properties, as long as we are in 1st or 2nd lien position. 

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